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Nestled amidst greenery and enriched with the grandeur of history, Neemrana is undoubtedly the best place near Delhi for one day trip.

It’s the nearest holiday destination from Delhi ( 120km ) and is just a 2-hour drive away.

Places to Visit: Take a peek into India’s historic and royal past at the 15th century Neemrana Fort Palace. Take a camel ride around the fortress to explore the lush green surroundings. Make sure you try the zip-lining in the Fort Centre.

Neemrana Baoli is another must visit the site. Situated amid a vast expanse of arid desert sands dotted by sparse vegetation and leafless trees, this 16th-century step-well was once a means of water storage for. Now devoid of water, its stands flanked by Aravalis in Neemrana, its corridors and criss-cross step pattern drawing large crowds of tourists and history buffs.

Due to Neemrana’s Japanese Zone, there are many restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisine. Treat yourself to scrumptious sushi and bao during your visit. Bon appetit!

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