Damdama Lake

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Damdama Lake

Famous for boating and providing 360-degree views of the Aravali Hills, Damdama Lake makes for one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi. Tourists visit this lake, which is one of the biggest lakes in Haryana for a short escapade from their city life. The scenic lake has a serene, rural, and peaceful vibe associated with it. Here you can indulge in some boating, camping, and even outdoor picnicking. For bird lovers, make sure to grab your binoculars and cameras along as you are likely to spot some of the 190 species of local and migratory birds like kingfishers, cormorants, cranes, fowls, and more. Many adventure activities can also be undertaken like kayaking, rock climbing, parasailing, angling, cycling, fishing, hot air ballooning, rowing, and nature walks.

Places to visit: Damdama Lake

63 km away from Delhi

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