Parwanoo is an idyllic destination in Himachal that attracts innumerable tourists every summer owing to its fragrant fruit orchards, bountiful scenic landscape, and a serene ambience. Located in close proximity to Chandigarh, it boasts of many activities that will immerse you in the pristine aura of the place. On such activity is a cabin car ride that is sure to offer some of the breath-taking views of the beautiful valley. You can also visit the Cactus Garden, which houses over 3,500 species of cacti and succulents and is a treat for nature lovers and botanists. Your trip remains incomplete without trying the local delicacies like meat pickles, fresh jams, jellies, and marmalades of the region.

Places to visit: Timber Trail, Gorkha Fort, Cactus Garden, Fruit orchards, Dagshai

265 km away from Delhi

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