Home to several ancient temples linked to the epic saga Ramayana, Nashik is an important pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra. While itís more of a religious Hindu city, Nashik has also come to be associated with plenty of other exciting aspects that draw tourists of all kinds here every year. One of them is the world-famous Kumbh Mela that takes place here once every 12 years and turns the whole town into a riot of colors, food, celebrations, and much more. And thatís not all, this place is also famous as an outstanding wine tasting destination.

Best time to visit for a weekend trip: July to March

Places to visit around Nashik: Sula Vineyard, Nasik Caves, Kalaram Temple, Muktidham Mandir, Gangapur Dam

Activities for weekend holiday: Trekking, temple hopping, wine tasting

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