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Thimphu is known as the heart of Bhutan nestled in its central-western part. Replaced by Bhutan's ancient capital - Punakha, Thimphu was declared the capital city of the Himalayan Kingdom in the year 1961. Originally pronounced as 'Thimbu', the city is known as the most modernised place in Bhutan with internet cafes, restaurants and pubs.

The Nightlife in Thimphu is also one of its highlights. However, Thimphu still holds on to the Bhutanese Traditions as it houses various architectural structures like the Buddha Dordenma, which marks your entry to Thimphu. The Motithang district of Thimphu also preserves the national animal of Bhutan - The Takin. With institutions like Textile Museum, Library, Art schools and the weekend market; the city isn't just a heritage centre but a cultural site as well. An hour drive from Paro International Airport, the city of Thimphu is a blend of both tradition and modernity. It is also known as the only capital that doesn't have any traffic lights installed.

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