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Washington DC

Your head may spin after setting foot within the high-charged political, historical, cultural and artistic city of Washington, DC, where anything happens and usually does. From well-known moments in time to the wheeling and dealing of political figureheads, the city is bursting with a wide selection of intriguing activities and attractions to sort out. Washington, DC offers the Smithsonian museums and attractions, as well as the Pentagon to gaze upon. The monuments on the Mall, as well as the impressive architecture are a wonder not to be dismissed. There is so much to do, you donít know if you should head for the White House or indulge in a bit of shopping while youíre in the midst of the Pentagon Mall. Mansions line sections of the town, which offers a satisfying display of interesting architecture. Millions of tourists flock to this city throughout the year. It is one of the most visited destinations in the United States.

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