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China is not a country, but a whole new world. There is hardly any contry on earth that could match its richness in culture, tradtion, history, natural scenery and of course, population. We would like to introduce some of the most beautiful attractions in China to you. We have organized the attractions in 3 ways. In ''theme attractions'' we tried to group several attractions that shares similar characteristics together, such as the Jiangnan watertowns. Then we invite you to discover this beautiful country by exploring its provinces, and you might be pleasantly surprized. Lastly, we list the most ''popular'' attractions in China, but please remember, they tend to be extremely crowded.

Other Destinations of China

China Tour Packages

Shanghai International Customized Holidays
3 Days


Beijing International Customized Holidays
3 Days


Beijing Shanghai International Customized Holidays
5 Days


Beijing Xian Shanghai International Customized Holidays
8 Days


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