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Gili Island

There are small islands around the island of Lombok called Gilis. Only those 3 Gilis located on the west coast of the island are popular for holiday namely Gili Air the closest to the beach, Gili Meno in the middle and Gili Trawangan the outer one. Their main interest is torques clear water, white soft sand beach and beautiful panorama of Bali island from all Gilis. The best way to organize holiday on the island is given below. There are many ways to visit these gilis, one is by fast boat from Bali, or fly from Bali to Lombok then take land transport to Senggigi beach, and from Senggigi beach by motorized boat around 20 minutes to Gili Trawangan the farthest Gili among the tree. Day tour from Bali is not enough now althogh by boat or by flight, it is definitely need 1 night overnight at one of the bungalows on Gili.

Gili Island Tour Packages

Bali Gili Island International Customized Holidays
8 Days


Bali Gili Island Singapore International Customized Holidays
12 Days


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