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Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a popular bay which is located in the north of Vietnam. The name of this place i.e. Halong means ''the place of descending dragons'. This place was not very much known before the 19th century. However in the recent years the popularity of this place has risen to a much greater value.It is a beautiful bay which one can visit in order to enjoy the scenic beauty present all around.

Halong Bay is one of the famous regions of Vietnam. This bay is known to be located on the northern side of Vietnam and is also known as the land of the descending dragons. A newspaper in the 18th century reported sighting a dragon on its shore due to which this bay has got this name. This bay is known to contain around 1000 islands some of which are inhabited while some of them have been left vacant. You can easily access most of these islands through ports and you would be mesmerised by the beauty of each island as well as the bay altogether. This bay has been declared as a protected sight by the UNSECO and some parts of this bay are not accesible as development of these areas is underway. You would find numerous toursits at this place during the months of May to August and over the years this has become one of the most loved destinations of the world.

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