Lake Nakuru

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Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru Lodge is situated in a wonderland which lies in the heart of one of Kenya's most densely animal populated wetland national parks (Ramsar Site), only two hours leisurely drive on first class roads from Nairobi, through some of the most exciting scenery to be seen anywhere in Africa. The 156 km Nairobi-Nakuru roads gives the visitor an unrivalled view of the majestic Great Rift Valley, winding through a series of lakes and forested uplands all the way to the bustling market town of Nakuru. The views are equally impressive for the visitor who uses a charter aircraft for 25-minute flight to Lake Nakuru National Park airstrip situated at the southern side of the park at the Rhino Sanctuary Headquarters - Naishi.

Lake Nakuru Tour Packages

Kenya International Customized Holidays
5 Days


Kenya Dubai International Customized Holidays
6 Days


Kenya with Mauritius International Customized Holidays
10 Days


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