Mestre can be described as a town located in 'Veneto, Italy'. It's, in fact, a 'frazione' with regards to 'comune' of 'Venice'. Mestre, having situated on mainland, with neighboring Zelarino, Favaro Veneto, Chirignago, and Marghera; includes around 1, 70, 000 inhabitants of 'comune'; with islands of 'Venice proper' having accounted for around 90000. Mestre has been linked with Venice by huge road and Rail Bridge; known as 'Ponte della Liberta'; which in English means 'Freedom Bridge'. Mestre enjoys the credit of being the biggest City all over Italy for not attaining status of 'autonomous commune'.As per legend, Mestre had been founded by none other than 'Mesthles', i.e. a cohort of 'hero Antenor', one of the escapees from Troy; who went on to discover Padua. Actual origins of Mestre are not known. The only thing known as of now is that a Roman fortress existed here once upon a time. It has also been reported that destruction and reconstruction took place on its part in the tenth century.

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