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Seychelles is a cluster of charming islands found in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. While it's true that the archipelago serves as a tropical, luxury honeymoon hotspot, this island nation also proves that it's much more than that with its gorgeous landscapes, abundant nature, and rich culture. The waters here show off a sensational spectrum of blues, greens and everything in between. You'll often find yourself reluctant to get out of the water and leave the beach.

Although it isn't easy or cheap to make your way to Seychelles, the trip is certainly worth it, and you'll leave with no regrets. Below are some of the best and most popular things to do around its islands.

Seychelles Tour Packages

Seychelles International Customized Holidays
8 Days


Seychelles Savoy Resort & Spa International Customized Holidays
Seychelles Le Meridien Fisherman Cove International Customized Holidays
Mauritius wih Seychelles International Customized Holidays
8 Days


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