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Hong Kong

Hong Kong one of the world's most sophisticated cities, offers a cultural diversity and natural beauty second to none. Major tourism magnets include Victoria Peak, ''the back of the dragon'', the most famous attraction in the City - at Peak tower, the terraces offer spectacular views of the skyline and Victoria Harbor; Ocean Park's marine life, bird aviary and butterfly house; numerous hiking and walking paths; Stanley, and the stunning Tin Hau Temple; the beach at Repulse Bay, and of course the shopping (it's all about the shopping) in Kowloon's ''Golden Mile.''

Hong Kong Tour Packages

Hong Kong International Customized Holidays
4 Days


Hong Kong Macau Venetian International Customized Holidays
6 Days


Hong Kong Macau Shenzhen International Customized Holidays
8 Days


Thailand Singapore Malaysia Hongkong International Customized Holidays
HongKong Shenzhen Macau International Group Holidays   ₹ 24225 Off
8 Days


Hong Kong Shenzhen Macau Venetian International Group Holidays   ₹ 38581 Off
8 Days


Thailand Singapore Malaysia Hong Kong International Group Holidays   ₹ 23678 Off
15 Days


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